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Hu Yuwen Memorial Foundation Management Committee setting points

Hu Yuwen's commemorative awards

Hu Yuwen Memorial Foundation set the purpose

Fo Guang University's Future and Lohas Industry Department to commemorate the unfortunate death of a student in a car accident,Special setting "Hu Yuwen Memorial Foundation",Make it last forever,The name is long and remains in the hearts of all the teachers and students of Foguang University.
This association provides unsuccessful student bursaries(Including academic merit scholarship, excellent service scholarship, weak bursary and emergency assistance),Ping An Hangxuan guide through the community and promote traffic safety and value of life,It also aims to promote the professional development of the department and the learning environment for students.

Main service
1. Established Foguang University
    Handling transportation services
    Handling traffic safety awareness
2. Student scholarship setting to encourage students to learn

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  Regularly hold a meeting of the Ping An Society

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Cooperate with the Academic Affairs Office to conduct traffic safety promotion to all teachers and students

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                       Traffic Safety Microfilm Promotion